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We love the craft of goldsmithing. As an ancient craft, it combines traditional techniques with modern working methods and design. The material, gold in its diversity, diamonds and colored stones are the most amazing raw materials for us - this is how our unique jewelry companions are created.


It is important to us that the entire value chain takes place locally, in our studio. This means we retain full control over design and quality.  Every step is carried out with care and precision to ensure that each piece of jewelry is of the highest quality. All production steps can therefore be influenced and monitored,

the piece of jewelry can be shaped from start to finish. The circulation and price are therefore completely in our hands.



Our heart beats for unique diamonds, especially in the “old cuts” and “vintage cuts” sectors. These diamonds are characterized by their historical significance and their special cut.

Old cuts are diamonds that were created before modern cutting techniques were introduced. These diamonds often have a charming, old-fashioned cut that emphasizes their individuality. They tell stories from bygone eras and are sought-after collector's items.

Vintage cuts are a tribute to the craftsmanship of past decades. Diamonds with special cuts can be found here; they have a unique charm and are reminiscent of the elegance of bygone times.


Our passion lies in discovering these special diamonds and creating the right jewelry with our customers.

colored stones

Our passion also belongs to unique colored stones. We invest a lot of time and effort in searching for gemstones that impress with their individual character, a special cut or a special color intensity. These stones tell stories and evoke emotions; their value goes far beyond their rarity.



The careful use of resources is of great importance in the goldsmith's craft. We work exclusively with recycled gold, which is the most sustainable material of all. We are also certified for this. This not only contributes to sustainability, but also reduces the need for new raw materials.


Our love for stones goes so far that we already source raw stones from small, independent mine operators in Africa and then cut them ourselves.


When it comes to diamonds and colored stones, it is important to know the origin. We only purchase our stones from trusted dealers we know. The stones are conflict-free and ethically mined, helping to promote social and environmental standards in the diamond industry.

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