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Fellow was founded in 2019 by the young goldsmith Raphael Gsponer.

Our team now consists of five dedicated employees who passionately combine traditional craftsmanship with modern creativity to create timeless pieces of jewelry. We love special gemstones and exceptional diamonds, unique shapes and high-quality design. From the design to the finished piece of jewelry, everything is made in our studio in Spalenvorstadt. 

In our jewelry workshop in the heart of Basel, the goldsmith's studio and sales room are harmoniously combined. The inviting sales area and the creative workbench are not only physically close to each other, but also deeply connected in our philosophy. Our studio opens up a whole world of goldsmithing and allows you to really experience the creation of the pieces of jewelry.

Detail-oriented and fresh - we are obsessed with the perfect proportion, vintage inspiration and breathtaking combinations. We produce both individual pieces and basics that can be easily combined and are available in unlimited quantities.

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